Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ways to deal with problematic students

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                 Teachers' one of the biggest problem is teaching to problematic learners,attention seekers and shy learners.Teaching to well-behaved learners is easy.The difficult part of the teaching profession is to be able to teach problematic, bullying and shy learners and also make them behave well and attract their attention.
We shouldn't forget that the learners especially the young ones see us as the role models.Therefore, we , as the teachers should support positive behaviours to be good models for them.
                Teachers' one of the biggest mistakes is to criticize the learners in front of their friends.It is only a temporary solution and can cause more problems.Plus, we should never argue with the learners in front of the whole class.Because it can cause the loss of your authority.
The teacher can talk to these type of learners after class by using “I” language. “I was disappointed”, “I didn't expect that” or I trust you”.Now that the learners knows you trust them, they will try not to disappoint you again.You should be patient in that stage as you may manage your goal only after a few attempts.
                 Good remarks are also useful.When the problematic learner behaves well, He/she should be rewarded with good remarks like “ well done!”
The learners should love the teachers.You can gain their love by telling them they mean to you.
Not only does it help you to gain their trust and love but also supports respect.
                  As to shy learners, they may be more difficult than the others as they may have social fears such as speaking in public or being criticized by others.In that situation,the most efficient technique is to ask their opinions while discussing something, give presentation assignments and of course, finally, rewards like stickers,certificates or etc..
As to attention seekers, they may be really disturbing sometimes.In the first days of the school, you and your learners can make a deal to ignore these kinds of behaviours.If the plan fails, what the most useful thing to do is to ignore these disturbing behaviours.After a while, the attention seeker will realize that you don't care and he/she will give up.
                  Another advice for the teachers who have to deal with attention seekers,bullying ,or problematic learners ; unless it is your last option ,don't threaten them with calling their parents.We should always keep in mind that the ones who can build authority in the class is just the teachers.
Respect is only gained with the harmony of the authority and love.We should know well how to balance between them.

Written by Azize Besik


  1. I agree with the fact that if there is a discipline problem then the teachers should try to sort it out on their own instead of complaining to the authority or the parents. It gives a message to the students about who is in charge.

  2. Absolutely Kajal,thanks for your comment

  3. We, as teachers, should not forget the power of "first impression". In fact, when a teacher loses his/her authority in first sessions of a class, it is really hard to regain it. Therefore, regarding the class discipline, teachers should express their ideas clearly, of course in first sessions.