Wednesday, September 19, 2012

10 Ways To Handle With Hyperactive Students

 I am sure you are tired of yelling,shouting and criticizing. Did they work?I don't think so.They may cause even more problems.There are effective ways to handle with hyperactive students.Let's have a look at them:

1.Build positive behaviour towards them.This is the first and the most important step.These type of children need to feel they are cared because they need love and passion.Why? Because they are always the one being left behind, criticized, humiliated by their friends , teachers or even parents. So, don't miss any opportunities to praise them.

2.Ask parents to encourage the positive behaviour at home , too. Parents' attitude is also very important in that stage.

3. Ask them to remove the unnecessary things from desk and try to attract their attention by using big and colourful viuals.Give them tasks like “Can you turn on the light? Can you clean the boards?”

4. To get their attention write a topic-related sentence which includes their names.

5. Suggest parents to enroll their kids to a social activity like dancing and sport . Art is yet another good choice  as it helps the kids focus on and build self-control.

6. Give rewards like playing with playdough or doing something else they like  if they sit quietly and listen to the lesson carefully.

7. Teach relaxation methods to your students like taking deep breath when they get angry.

8. Make a list of good behaviours ,discuss them with the hyperactive students and take a promise to obey the rules. Put tick for the rules that they have obeyed and praise them , never put cross for the rules they haven't obeyed, just leave it blank and show that you trust them to manage to  accomplish the rules.

9. Ask them to write a diary to understand  their concerns, worries and interests better.

10. Give short and simple instructions , repeat them at least twice.Then ask them to repeat the instructions .


  1. Classroom dynamics has been a concern for us,teachers. Every time we enter the classroom, we face a new set of challenges. You cannot take their behaviour for granted . But if we are full of love for them and if they are convinced that we are genuinely concerned about them and their welfare, the walls of suspicion will crumble . Try to remove the tense and hostile ambience, so that they learn playfully what we teach . Dr.Y.P.Hathi