Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Online Professional Development Courses and Resources for English Teachers (1)

Have you ever heard the term of "21st century teachers of English"?

       21st century teachers of English are the teachers who can integrate technology in their classes and embed it through  curriculum. Briefly ,they are the teachers who are able to benefit from technology and use it to enhance the learning of "pupils" or "students".
That's why, in today's education system , English language teachers are supposed to develop their professional skills to keep up with the latest trends, approaches, methodology and technology.
A  traditional teacher using traditional methods can't correspond the needs of 21st century learners .
        Some think , technology have changed the way of teaching negatively.I respect that.But if we think more logcically,we can see that we don't live  in 1950s. We are in a technological era, now that we have a treasure like "internet" why don't we use it to broaden learners' understanding.
I dont' mean we should just  use technology and forget all the other methods. I mean as English teachers we should use the right method in the right place.If older methods are more useful for learners in any subject ,we should use them. If web 2 tools are more helpful for us to enhance learners' understanding , then we should use them.
        To cut it short, as a dedicated teacher who wants improve professional skills,I have searched for online professional development resources and courses. Some of them are really expensive,but some of them are affordable.You can choose the one suitable for your budget. Now,Let's start!

It is a free professional development  resource in which you can find lots of resources from tech tools to articles.

There are lots of resources for your classroom and  professional development.

It is an online database of professional development conferences and workshops.

You can find the schedule of  British Council Teaching English webinars in that link.

These courses are affordable.

It is a great website for you to learn how to use Web 2 tools in your classes.

You can find online courses in that website. They are affordable.

The courses are in good quality but expensive.

It is a good website for you to develop your professional skills.There are also free workshops.

There are online courses in that website offered through  The Univesity of San Diego

That's all for today.

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