Friday, August 17, 2012

Behavior Management Tool

      Most of the teachers quit their job because of trouble-maker  students and noise level in  the classroom. As a teacher , I have tried many ways to make my classes quiter.

One of the methods I implemented in my classes.

      Last year with my 3rd graders ,I used a method based on tickets.Each student has 3 tickets.In an  inappropriate behavior like  talking without raising hands or speaking in mother tongue (You can add more), they have to give one of their tickets.If their tickets are all gone,they don't have a chance to take a big star on the behavior list I prepared before.You can try this method.It worked in my classes :)

The great behavior game 

     As you all know, new school year is coming .I have started to search for some classroom management tools and luckily I have found this one.

If you are an inexperienced teacher having problem with classroom management or  you have to deal with noisy and trouble maker students, this tool is totally designed for you.I have tried it in my classes and the result is absolutely POSITIVE!

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  1. Hmm I wonder if that would work with my older classes. I normally just emphasize that my students are old enough to recognize when they make bad decisions they will have consequences. They do a self evaluation of their grades and then they know everything they did throughout the semester was noticed.