Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kids Stuff!!

        Hey!Today I will advice you some websites about kids stuff.You know, to get the children's attention is more difficult than the other students'.So we should do different things in our classes as long as possible.
Anyway,Let's start ! is one of my faves as I can find everything I need.Games, videos, worksheets , powerpoints ..Everything!So I highly advise this website to you. is another website prepared for young learners.It is a wide- ranging website like english-4kids.
You can find ready lesson plans,games,song sheets (I love songs:) ,flash cards,class tips for teachers and so on.You should run an eye over it. is a dictionary prepared especially for children.Your students can build their own dictionaries, You can make them play interactive games and you can also  find rhymes for them.  is a website that you can find various games for your students. is a craft site for children .All of the activities are lovely and funny.You can also find coloring pages there.I have taken the sample below from the website. is another website among my faves again.There are a lot of games and these games can be used for adults,too.
That's all for today.But I will continue to write soon.See you!:)

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