Friday, November 12, 2010

Free worksheets For ElT TeacHers!(1)

   Hello! I couldn't write to my blog for a long time as I had something to do.But I didn't laze away and I searched for new things.I came across various websites especially based on teachers' resources like flashcard,downloadable worksheets and so on.
Well,let's start:)

The first website  is eslwonderland.Indeed it is a wonder for elt teachers and students.You can find lots of activities about 4 skills and also integrated skills activities.You can also find lesson plans and I suppose they could be very useful for inexperienced teachers and student teachers.

ediscio is another resource ready to help you to make your lessons more colorful!You can create your own flashcards or you can choose from the avaliable ones.It is amazing source.

I highly advise you to run an eye over  mes-english 
It is one of my faves.There are flashcards ,ready to print documents,activity makers, games, certificates, projects, coloring and etc.Namely ,everything about elt. They are all very funny. is a game website .You can find a lot of games from puzzles to word games.Especially for young learners,these games can be very beneficial as to draw attention of young learners is difficult. is another website for busy teachers.they are ready to print and you can choose whatever activity you want and download it.It is highly advisable for busy teachers. is again one of my faves as it has got a wide range of  resources.You can find  everything that you can dream.Song worksheets,movie worksheets, funny things,teaching ideas and so on.The only thing you have to do is to register freely and that's it.   is a website used to find many things about elt .There are interesting and funny things in this website. is video based website.You can also find interactive quizzes, video lessons,mp3 lessons.

To be continued..

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