Wednesday, November 17, 2010

EsL/Efl Games!

      Hi!Today I will advice you some websites that you can use in your classes!Games!I love games.Especially I love competitive games as my students are willing to answer the questions correctly and enjoy while learning
     Let's start. is my favorite game website.There are a lot of games in the website and these games can be used for adults,too.

       Another website is .There are two levels and you should choose appropriate level for your students and there is no age limit.You should absolutely run an eye over it.You can also advise it to your students for their self-studies.  covers a large and varied range of games.You can find all sorts of games there.

    If your students like crosswords ,this website is absolutely your thing.There are numerous crossword puzzles in this website. It is also printer-friendly and You don't have to register for crosswords. is another crossword website .It is graded  and there is another section for kids.You can also choose your accent as British and American English. is a word game that every level of student can play. is also good.

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