Monday, November 8, 2010

4 More Authentic Listening and Video Websites!!

    Hey!Today was one of the busiest and tiring days in my life.But you know, the most important thing is that you shouldn't make your students realize your situation.I did the same.Actually, when I start teaching ,I forget all about my problems as I focus on my job.Anyway,I will introduce you a few listening and esl video websites.I am so impatient to share them with you:) Whatever.Let's start.Here is the first one

It is a listening based website.Meantime you listen,you can read the tapescript .Also,one of the main purpose is to teach words as well as to help students improve their communication skills.I highly advise you to visit that website.

Here is the address of a website of which the main purpose is to make people share educational videos

You can share your own videos.For example you can  record your lessons and put them on the net.This way,you can provide your students the chance of   revising  the lesson .
Http:// is another website of which main focus is the videos.You can search the videos according to their levels and subjects.You should run an eye over it. is a bit different than the others as it is based on songs.It is one of my faves since the videos are classified according to their topics,words and etc.You can create funnier lessons by using songs in your classes.

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