Tuesday, October 26, 2010

UsInG PiCtUrEs iN oUr cLaSSrOoMs!


        We are so lucky to use the new technology for our classroom and we should take advantage of this situation.Well,again another website for you! It is a visual dictionary.I love these kinds of dictionaries coz I believe that  the easiest way of memorising the words is to see them.That 's why I am trying to use visuals in my classroom.The long and the short of it ,today I will introduce you a visual dictionary website.It is very easy to use.Here is the adress:

            Well,I will write about another website that is of  visuals. Indeed, thanks to that website you can create pictures full of words and even their conjugated forms.You can choose any picture you like or unless you like them you can download any other one from your pc.Just try!

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