Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ProNoUncIaTiON TeAcHiNg WeBSiTe!

         Hello I have just created a blog  as I want to share my knowledge with all the tefl teachers.I am an English teacher from Turkiye.My native language is Turkish ,but I love English!I love teaching English!
         I spend my time on the net after i come back from work.I am very ambitious and I want to do different things for my students.I have found various sites on the net and I will share them with you,of course!Maybe you can advise me some more useful website or software:)
Well let's start!I was surfing on the net and  I found out an amazing website for teachers and students.It is  There are various videos in the website.Choose one of them and watch it.Record your voice then the system checks your English pronounciation and gives you marks!It is unbelievable!You can advice that website to your students!They will love it!

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