Thursday, October 28, 2010

CReAtiNG fLaSh GaMeS!

       Hello!Today was a very bad day for me.I was so unlucky today but I dont want to explain the reasons as I dont want to bother myself again.But now, thanks to God, I am ok and I am already ready to share websites I have searched for and found.I found this website yesterday but I had no time to write yesterday cos I am sharing it today.Via that website, you can create  FLASH GAMES  like "Who wants to be a billionare"  and download them to your computer.It is amazing.There are various games in the website .You can choose whatever you like .But I absolutely advise you "Who wants to be a billionare".I have tried it in my classrooms .I divided the classroom into two groups and made a competition between these  groups.The aim was to reach the highest point first.It was  hilarious!Anyway here is the website

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  1. I love this site. I made a game. My son made one. He had a blast playing! Thanks. I love the links you are posting.