Friday, October 29, 2010

AuThEntIc ViDeO WeBSiTeS!

      Today I am so relaxed and happy cos it is my day off. I slept till 2 pm.Today is also 23 October and a very important day for Turkey.I am celebrating all Turkish people's  23 October Republic day of Turkey .
Well,today I will write about Tefl ,Esl ,Efl video websites.As you know if you teach English as a second language ,your job is more difficult.The students have to be a part of English by watching,listening,speaking ,writing and etc.I think watching and listening is the most important part of it especially if you arent native speaker of English.Yes I always teach English by using English in the classroom but I think thats not enough.They have to listen native English speakers,too. So today I will advise you various esl websites to be used in ESL classrooms.
    Let's start! Here is the first one :  In the website there are Free ESL video quizzes and resources for ESL / EFL students and teachers.

Here is the another website  An amazing resource for English videos.

Well , here is one of my faves


  1. Have you seen this one

    We've produced a great new TEFL DVD, with a review of it here in the ETP

  2. I will check it out Philip .Thanks for sharing :)

  3. These are some nice links Azize! I'd add that finding TV shows they like and using them is great

    I find the Big Bang Theory has some great applications for grammar for example

    Movies also provide great resources and you can use trailers or short films for smaller classes

  4. Thanks Carissa, and for the record your blog is really nice:)